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Photo © Saikat Mojumder/UNHCR

The Age and Disability Technical Working Group (AD TWG) started its official journey as a cross-cutting component of the ISCG Secretariat from 2024. Age & Disability is a cross-cutting and cross-sectoral component that is being mainstreamed through all sectors and partners operating in the Rohingya Refugee Response. Operational sectors and their partners are required to ensure adherence to the Humanitarian inclusion standards for older people and people with disabilities | Sphere (spherestandards.org) and the IASC Guidelines, Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Humanitarian Action, 2019 | IASC (interagencystandingcommittee.org), and to implement programs accordingly. 

The former Age and Disability Working Group (ADWG) provided coordination and cross-sectoral support to mainstream Age & Disability Inclusion since its inception in 2018, as a WG under the Protection Sector. As a part of the coordination-streamlining process, all cross-cutting inter-sectoral working groups were moved under the ISCG to ensure accountability and efficiency. This Technical Working Group replaces the former ADWG. Currently, the TWG consists of 9 organizations, including UN agencies, international and national NGOs, that are tasked with providing technical expertise and advice to the Age and Disability response.

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Mostarin Shamanta Rahman
Coordinator, Age and Disability Technical Working Group (AD TWG)
Email: [email protected]